Down on the Farm

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Down on the Farm

Daddys ranch has always been the best. From the time I was a little girl up until now. I am twenty-one years old, and my name is Mary Anne. I have lived in the same place my whole life. I am a pure bred country girl. From the beautiful state of Texas. I help out around daddys farm for a living now. Why work elsewhere when I can just get daddys money? We have alot of horses on the ranch to take care of, so we tend to have alot of ranchmen. Daddy has always had alot of money. I could never even imagine being away from the ranch.

I had a boyfriend from the time I was seventeen until about a year ago. The only man I have ever been with sexually. So, I guess you could say, I am not that expierienced. He was the first to kiss me, and the first to feel inside of me. I have not been with a man since him.
So, the girls have asked me if I would like to go out with them tonight. I am going to go with them, but I am a little bit /scared/">scared. It has been awhile since I have been to the tavern. I have yet to go out to the tavern since I have been of legal age to drink. But also when I used to go, I was not alone, I always had my ex with me. But, I am ready to be with another man. Not so much as in a relationship, but more like just sexually.

Anyway, the girls ended up picking me up around nine. I made sure I had my darts in the back pocket of my daisy dukes. We parked at the side of " Country Tavern ", and walked around to the front. Of course, we all got carded, and then allowed inside the tavern. Within the next few hours we toasted cheers to one another with Bud Lights in our hands. We also took teams playing darts together. We were having a total blast.

Then, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv this tall cowboy waltzed through the front door. He was every bit of six and a half foot. And, he had the sexiest body I think I have ever seen. His hat was curled up like the hat of Dwight Yokam. He was absolutely sexy. I knew before the night was over, he was going to be all over me.

I was sitting at the bar admiring every inch of his body. Then his eyes caught mine as he ordered his beer from the bartender. He grabbed his beer and then walked right over to me. He said " Is this seat taken? " I felt frozen by the deepness of his voice, and the beauty of his blue eyes. Well, I managed to speak anyway. For the /first-time/">first time in my life, I wanted to be brave with a man. So, I was. I looked deep in his eyes for a minute and said to him, " No, but neither is mine when I get up to walk out this door to go ride you, cowboy!" And, I tipped my hat back at him. I was soembarrassed, I felt a flush come over my face for saying that so bravely. I was stunned that words like that had rolled off of my tongue. So, without saying nothing else, I got up and walked right out the front door. When I got outside, I leaned up against the tavern wall.

The door to the tavern opened, and it was the cowboy. " The name is Billy Ray, and are we takin your truck or mine lil lady? " he asked me. " Well, I guess were takin yours good lookin! " I responded back. So, then it was a done deal. We walked to his truck, and he opened my door. I began to think that he could not be from around here. Because cowboys like that dont exist in my hometown. Billy Ray got in on his side and started the truck. We began to drive away from the tavern. He asked, " Where we headed lil lady? " I told him we would go to the ranch. I had just the place for us to go to in mind.

Billy Ray got us safely to the ranch. Daddy was always asleep at such a late hour, so no need in frettin over him I told him. He followed me down through the ranch. I could feel his eyes staring right into my ass. I led us to the /big/big-red/">big red barn. As a child, I always loved to play in it. As an adult, well, I think you know what I love doing there. Daddy always keeps it stacked with plenty of hay year round. Billy Ray was the last in, and shut the door behind him, as I was getting on top of a hay bail. All these rolls of hay were neatly side-by-side.

He walked over and pulled himself up on the hay next to me. He grabbed me, and pulled me down on top of him. His body was so masculine and so strong. I could feel all his muscles beneath my fingertips. He pressed his lips hard to mine, and pulled me into him. While he pulled my hair in his hands. I knew then, that he was going to fuck the hell out of me.

" Whats your name cowgirl? " he asked me. I told him my name. " You want this cowboys cock, /sweet/">sweet Mary Anne? " he asked me. Waiting for my answer, he pulled my shirt up to let my breasts free. I wore no bra, so he didnt have to fight to free them. He kissed my neck, while his fingers played with my nipples. Excitedly, I answered " Yes! I want your cock inside of me. But, first, Billy Ray, pull that /cock/big-cock/">big cock out and let my tongue tease you. "

I lifted myself up, and he took that big, country cock out of his britches. I took my hat and laid it to the side of him. I took it in my hands, and began to fondle it. My head came down, and I took his cock in my mouth. As I was sucking that big cock, I let my hand play with his nuts. You should never leave a mans nuts out. I sucked him, I licked him, then white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie made a trail with my tongue to his nuts. I took each nut in my mouth and I sucked gently on each one. Then I took his cock back in my mouth again, and bobbed my head back and forth quickly. Billy Ray held onto my head in the rhythm of my sucking, and his moans began to get loud. I loved every sound he was making for me. He told me how good I sucked his cock, and that I was a good little /whore/">whore.

He pulled away from me quickly. I sucked his cock so good he thought he was going to cum, he told me. He said he was not ready, and sat up, holding his cock.
" Wanna fuck, Mary Anne? " he asked me. " Oh yes, I want to feel you inside of me! I want you to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard, cowboy! " I exclaimed. " Good. Then take them short shorts off, and play with that /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy for me. " he told me.

I had never played with my pussy in front of nobody. But I thought, first time for everything. I threw my shorts to the ground of the barn, and I layed back. He watched as I played with my pussy, while he stroked his cock slowly. I came for him really hard all over my fingers as he watched me. My pussy was throbbing so hard, I felt as if I might burst.

Billy Ray picked me up, and flipped my body around. On my knees, on top of the hay, he entered me. Grabbing hold of my hips, we thrust fast into each other. I love to be fucked hard, so I begged him to fuck me as hard and fast as he could. He pounded deep inside of my pussy, and I came, again and again. My wetness was all over his big, /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock. He let his liquid burst all inside of me, while I came right along with him again. He threw his head back and made a low moan. My pussy was throbbing away with pain as he did. But, oh, it hurt so good. The whole time with that sexy cowboy hat on his head. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm.
Billy Ray slowly pulled out of me, and put his sweet cock away. I reached up and kissed him, then jumped down to the ground. He jumped down behind me and said " Are you satisfied there, cowgirl? " I told him that yes, indeed, I was very satisfied. I pulled my shorts up and said " Thanks for the ride cowboy, gotta go! " 
And, with that said, I walked out the barn. Kickin my heels up and doing a little dance walking up to the house. You know, I think that cowboy was from out of town. I have not seen him around since. But, I sure am glad he lassoed himself into my sweet pussy that evening!