Sex in bathroom

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Sex in bathroom

It was the day before my 20th birthday. I was one of the most /hot/hot-sexy/hot-and-sexy/">hot and sexy girl next door .I use to see all young to old men staring at me.But I never gave a dam to that,until that day.I heared the new neighbour were coming to live in the flat next to us.I was standing in the gallery there arrived a truck and a relly handsome guy might be 5.6'in height black hairs and muscular came out of it I was like lost in him I never saw any of so hot boy around me,he saw me starring at him he gave a really /sweet/">sweet smile to me.

That whole night I dreamed of him.the next day when I was going to /college/">college He called me I wanted a lift as he was also admitted in mine college.

We became really good friends.One day no one was blowjob porn videos at home.So i called him as I wanted to take a bath. He sat watching Tv I took a bath But I forgot to take a towel with me.So I called him and asked him if he could give me a towel.

He directly opened the door I was standing naked in front of him he lost his mind and grabbed me in his arms the shower was still on he removed his cloths I did'nt stopped him and first we started kissing he was rubbing my balls badly I saw down and was affraid when I saw 8'of cock standing in front of me It was my /first-time/">first time I was seeing a cock of a real man.He was rubbing my lips with his ,then he asked me to get down and suck his dick I opposed it as I never did it but he forced me to he started strocking deep in my throat.the he started sucking my pussy and he was happy to know that I still was a virgin.he was /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-my-pussy/">fucking my pussy with his fingures.

Then he laid me down came upon me and put his pennis in my pussy I scremed but he gave no dam to it and kept milf porn videos on increasing his speed it was the pain I couldnt take ,biut after some time I started hiving fun he was rubbing and chewing my balls he fucked me for 15 minutes.the he took his cock out and spunked in my mouth.It was a birthday gift for me which I will never forget